Caldas - Grama

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João Carlos Gonçalves
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26.3 km
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Caldas to Grama is a fictional BVE route based on João childhood memories. It's a sequence from his previous Caldas to Boa Vista route. Featuring Brazilian countryside sceneries and rolling stock used in the 70's. All sceneries were portrayed from the States of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, which were served by Companhia Mogiana de Estradas de Ferro (Mogiana Railway Company), which was one of the most important railway companies in the State of Sao Paulo. It served the richest coffee producers of the northeast region. The Mogiana Railway Company was absorbed by FEPASA in 1971 and FERROBAN in 1998. Nowadays all tracks were adapted and updated for heavy train cargo freights. Since then, all passenger services were cut down, as well as the electric traction, built just after the end of World War II. In a few words, all the catenary system (overhead wires, masts, substations) had been completely removed, all electric locos were dismantled, disassembled or even abandoned at several cemetery depots of useless materials around the State.