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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a BVE routes catalogue managed by the community. Everybody is encouraged to create a new account (click the link at the top of this page) and add information about BVE routes (for example your own) and where they can be found on the internet.


Adding routes

There are just a few rules:

  • Don't post crap, respect the netiquette.
  • Only post relevant information about existing routes which can be freely downloaded. No alpha stuff, no "please build that route pleeease". Trolls will be warned, then banned. The community decides if information is relevant. Discuss on the discussion pages.
  • Create one page for each route, with the exception of routes which belong together and can be found on a single web page, like underground networks.
  • Use the Route Template for summarizing route information. Go to the Help page to see how this works (it's very simple!).
  • If you add a brand new route, add a hint to the New routes page.
  • You are encouraged to add your name and further information to the Contributors page.
  • Of course you may complete or update existing route information. Just edit its page.
  • We don't host routes. We suggest you upload a route to some filestore server and post the link here.

That's all! Now you can add a route.

You can help

We need your help with keeping this wiki up to date. If you know about a route that isn't here, please add it. If you see incorrect information and you are sure that it's incorrect, please correct it. Thanks!


We have reused the flag images and some of the text from written by Uwe Post, under GFDL.